Congratulations to all those that pushed for a College Football Playoff not the CFP but better.

Give yourself a hand then pat yourself on the back, you did it, the BCS & NCAA fought you and lost, take a bow.

Now lets move on to get ready for the 2015 College Football Regular Season with a single Goal in mind, an Undisputed National Champion for Major College Football.

Examine the Perfect Playoff Plan 16, find your favorite school, look at their new opponents. Now do you like the Regular Season Conference line up for your team?  How excited are you for your team if it was previously relegated to one of the Group of Five conferences with no chance at the Playoff and played only weak teams not Power teams.

Now think about what went into putting each team in the 100 team Major College Football Division. The following rules will give you insight into the process of reorganization.  Rule #1: Just Wins Baby!, the 9 recent FCS teams added since 2011 must go, not enough experience (wins), then drop the 20 Cupcakes from the Group of Five that have the fewest wins over the last 17 seasons and over the last 7 seasons. Voila, 100 teams. Rule #2: Fair & Equal treatment for every Conference and School, 10 Conferences with Equal status, size and strength of programs to insure every School has an Equal chance to win a spot in the 16 Team National Championship Playoff. How does Rule #2 do that? Each Conference has 10 teams drawn from the 65 former Power 5 conferences and one of the 6 winningest teams from the former Group of Five conferences (Bosie State, BYU, Central Florida, Cincinnati, Navy or NIU). Then the final 3 teams from the Next 30 teams from the former Group of Five with the most wins over the last 17 years and most importantly the last 7 years.

Now you have a selection process that automatically draws the 10 Conference Champions and the 6 second place teams with the most wins, No Polls, No Computers and No Committee.  Add in no “brackets” just a drawing for opponents.

This Perfect Playoff Plan 16 ends the secretive and subjective, yes and arbitrary methods used by the College Football Playoff (CFP).  The final result is what most people interested in College Football want, an Undisputed National Champion decided on the field of play.

Okay now start your list of complaints or questions.  Send them to and they will be solved in one of the next posts on making the Perfect Playoff Plan 16 work for everyone.


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