End of Student-Athlete or end of Major College Football?

There is just too much to say.
Is it worth the trouble?
Let the punks and union thugs get what they want or give them a hollow victory.
Who is paying for the legal action?
Okay the K.I.S.S. method always works.
End College Football as we know it.
No problem now.
Let kids go to college by qualifying like everybody else, academically. No athletic scholarships.
Every student must keep up academically or out they go.
Then they can walk-on for a spot on a team, sort-of like an intramural team.
The student-athlete can not get paid by any professional sports entity to play.  They can get internships or jobs that must qualify as work not just a sham payment for no work. The student must declare all income and gifts to their school and the NCAA.
No gifts to play, except a relative in the 3rd degree or a god-parent or an educational non-profit social organization.

These kind of rules will force the NFL to start a minor league and the kids that never wanted to go to school can just play for pay.
Just like baseball. It hasn’t hurt college or the pros.

Yes, whine, whine whine.  No athletic scholarships that will kill all college sports, no it won’t, just change it.  The stadiums might have to be sold, torn down or leased out but that’s okay. The coaches won’t get a million dollars, that’s okay too. But it will be fun to go to a game if you’re a student, alum, family or booster.


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March 29, 2014 · 3:34 pm

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