We did have a College Football Playoff this year, 2013-2014

It was from a 63 team Championship Conference Group.  It included 10 teams in the running.
SEC Division Champions Auburn & Missouri
ACC Division Champions Florida State & Duke
B1G Division Champions Michigan State & Ohio State
PAC-12 Division Champions Stanford & Arizona State
Baylor ( a special case with a special end)
Notre Dame is on the list but didn’t qualify at 8-4 (Unlike 8-4 UConn in the 2011  BCS Fiesta Bowl.)
So we actually had an 8 team Playoff after eliminating Baylor & Notre Dame.
But it ended before the Championship Game… not the BCS Championship Game but the next week when Florida State should have played Michigan State for the Undisputed National Championship at a location never chosen.
Now for the special case, Baylor. Although they play in the only fairly built conference (the 10 team Big Twelve with no unfair artificial Divisons) they lost to UCF from a defrocked American Athletic Conference so who wants Baylor anymore.
What a chance to show how utterly incompetent the BCS was, but alas the Presidents of Florida State and Michigan State are on the BCS payola train and didn’t schedule a privately arranged game that on the fly could have gotten $100 million from TV and $100 million for tickets at one of many Stadiums with 100,000 or more seats.  How about warm weather Texas’ Memorial Stadium or Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium for a mid January game?
Anyway no one would claim at #5 they didn’t belong, not even UCF, they know better and especially not Alabama after losing to OU.
So lets fix 2014-2015 with a Perfect Playoff Plan 16, it could be arranged in 30 days and bring in $1 Billion more that the current CFP projections.


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