Amateurism is the best policy for College Football

It is not about autographs for money, payment for use of name or image nor is it about selling personal memorabilia.  And it is more than being paid any amount of money by boosters or having an agent, it is about the NCAA, Conferences, Bowls and schools pimping it.

If someone will pay for your stuff or autograph and if Wheaties wants to use your image then let them pay the student for it.

The only action that makes a college student athlete no longer an amateur is if the NCAA, Conference, Bowl or school/boosters pay them to play.  Or if the school/boosters pays them to say attend Auburn.  Or if they play a professional sport like baseball while enrolled as an amateur athlete at a school where they play football.

But it will be more of an amateur sport for students if the schools cut the time and days required for the student.  It will be more amateur if they only play on Saturday or Thanksgiving for a couple games. Hey don’t forget to go back down to 11 games in the Regular Season.

Let’s go back to a simpler time, the money should be made at an amateur level of play then used for the academic and safety needs of the students and facilities and coaches/professors should be reimbursed accordingly.

Let the NFL do the show and blow the money.

Keep Major College Football real and in-touch with the School, campus life and the fans.


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