Is an eight-team college football playoff on horizon?

Really, we are stuck with BCS 2 for 12 more years! No way everything in this world is renegotiable. This year was actually an 8 team playoff because it was made up of the 4 Power Conferences with Divisional Championship games as round 1.
They only included 54 teams.
They needed to totally reorganize the FBS into a 100 team Major College Football Division with 10 Conferences of 10 teams each, built on the Power 5 Conferences’ Divisions.
That way 90 teams are eliminate when they do not win their Conference. And then 6 second place teams with the most wins or that tie their Conference Champ get a second chance.
No more Patsy games against FCS teams, No more Cupcake opponents because every school is in a “Power Conference”, so you can reduce the season to 11 games that all count toward getting into the Playoff.
Just Wins Baby!

Statesman U

Texas v TCU

The debut of the four-team College Football Playoff was a huge success, generating an extra $200 million in revenue. Ohio State won the national title by beating Alabama in the semifinals, then Oregon in the championship game.

So how long must we wait for the bracket to expand to eight? (Baylor and TCU would like to make it retroactive to 2014.)

Kansas State v Baylor

A report on suggests that there is pressure building to expand to eight teams.

TCU coach Gary Patterson said the four quarterfinal games could be scheduled on the weekend normally reserved for conference title games.

“If you’re going to an eight-team playoff, you’re going to take the (conference) championship away,” Patterson said. “And they’ll be OK with it because with eight teams that’s going to make up [financially] for the championship game anyway.”

Patterson also proposed that the losers of the quarterfinal matchups would go on to…

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Congratulations to all those that pushed for a College Football Playoff not the CFP but better.

Give yourself a hand then pat yourself on the back, you did it, the BCS & NCAA fought you and lost, take a bow.

Now lets move on to get ready for the 2015 College Football Regular Season with a single Goal in mind, an Undisputed National Champion for Major College Football.

Examine the Perfect Playoff Plan 16, find your favorite school, look at their new opponents. Now do you like the Regular Season Conference line up for your team?  How excited are you for your team if it was previously relegated to one of the Group of Five conferences with no chance at the Playoff and played only weak teams not Power teams.

Now think about what went into putting each team in the 100 team Major College Football Division. The following rules will give you insight into the process of reorganization.  Rule #1: Just Wins Baby!, the 9 recent FCS teams added since 2011 must go, not enough experience (wins), then drop the 20 Cupcakes from the Group of Five that have the fewest wins over the last 17 seasons and over the last 7 seasons. Voila, 100 teams. Rule #2: Fair & Equal treatment for every Conference and School, 10 Conferences with Equal status, size and strength of programs to insure every School has an Equal chance to win a spot in the 16 Team National Championship Playoff. How does Rule #2 do that? Each Conference has 10 teams drawn from the 65 former Power 5 conferences and one of the 6 winningest teams from the former Group of Five conferences (Bosie State, BYU, Central Florida, Cincinnati, Navy or NIU). Then the final 3 teams from the Next 30 teams from the former Group of Five with the most wins over the last 17 years and most importantly the last 7 years.

Now you have a selection process that automatically draws the 10 Conference Champions and the 6 second place teams with the most wins, No Polls, No Computers and No Committee.  Add in no “brackets” just a drawing for opponents.

This Perfect Playoff Plan 16 ends the secretive and subjective, yes and arbitrary methods used by the College Football Playoff (CFP).  The final result is what most people interested in College Football want, an Undisputed National Champion decided on the field of play.

Okay now start your list of complaints or questions.  Send them to and they will be solved in one of the next posts on making the Perfect Playoff Plan 16 work for everyone.

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End of Student-Athlete or end of Major College Football?

There is just too much to say.
Is it worth the trouble?
Let the punks and union thugs get what they want or give them a hollow victory.
Who is paying for the legal action?
Okay the K.I.S.S. method always works.
End College Football as we know it.
No problem now.
Let kids go to college by qualifying like everybody else, academically. No athletic scholarships.
Every student must keep up academically or out they go.
Then they can walk-on for a spot on a team, sort-of like an intramural team.
The student-athlete can not get paid by any professional sports entity to play.  They can get internships or jobs that must qualify as work not just a sham payment for no work. The student must declare all income and gifts to their school and the NCAA.
No gifts to play, except a relative in the 3rd degree or a god-parent or an educational non-profit social organization.

These kind of rules will force the NFL to start a minor league and the kids that never wanted to go to school can just play for pay.
Just like baseball. It hasn’t hurt college or the pros.

Yes, whine, whine whine.  No athletic scholarships that will kill all college sports, no it won’t, just change it.  The stadiums might have to be sold, torn down or leased out but that’s okay. The coaches won’t get a million dollars, that’s okay too. But it will be fun to go to a game if you’re a student, alum, family or booster.

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March 29, 2014 · 3:34 pm

We did have a College Football Playoff this year, 2013-2014

It was from a 63 team Championship Conference Group.  It included 10 teams in the running.
SEC Division Champions Auburn & Missouri
ACC Division Champions Florida State & Duke
B1G Division Champions Michigan State & Ohio State
PAC-12 Division Champions Stanford & Arizona State
Baylor ( a special case with a special end)
Notre Dame is on the list but didn’t qualify at 8-4 (Unlike 8-4 UConn in the 2011  BCS Fiesta Bowl.)
So we actually had an 8 team Playoff after eliminating Baylor & Notre Dame.
But it ended before the Championship Game… not the BCS Championship Game but the next week when Florida State should have played Michigan State for the Undisputed National Championship at a location never chosen.
Now for the special case, Baylor. Although they play in the only fairly built conference (the 10 team Big Twelve with no unfair artificial Divisons) they lost to UCF from a defrocked American Athletic Conference so who wants Baylor anymore.
What a chance to show how utterly incompetent the BCS was, but alas the Presidents of Florida State and Michigan State are on the BCS payola train and didn’t schedule a privately arranged game that on the fly could have gotten $100 million from TV and $100 million for tickets at one of many Stadiums with 100,000 or more seats.  How about warm weather Texas’ Memorial Stadium or Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium for a mid January game?
Anyway no one would claim at #5 they didn’t belong, not even UCF, they know better and especially not Alabama after losing to OU.
So lets fix 2014-2015 with a Perfect Playoff Plan 16, it could be arranged in 30 days and bring in $1 Billion more that the current CFP projections.

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Amateurism is the best policy for College Football

It is not about autographs for money, payment for use of name or image nor is it about selling personal memorabilia.  And it is more than being paid any amount of money by boosters or having an agent, it is about the NCAA, Conferences, Bowls and schools pimping it.

If someone will pay for your stuff or autograph and if Wheaties wants to use your image then let them pay the student for it.

The only action that makes a college student athlete no longer an amateur is if the NCAA, Conference, Bowl or school/boosters pay them to play.  Or if the school/boosters pays them to say attend Auburn.  Or if they play a professional sport like baseball while enrolled as an amateur athlete at a school where they play football.

But it will be more of an amateur sport for students if the schools cut the time and days required for the student.  It will be more amateur if they only play on Saturday or Thanksgiving for a couple games. Hey don’t forget to go back down to 11 games in the Regular Season.

Let’s go back to a simpler time, the money should be made at an amateur level of play then used for the academic and safety needs of the students and facilities and coaches/professors should be reimbursed accordingly.

Let the NFL do the show and blow the money.

Keep Major College Football real and in-touch with the School, campus life and the fans.

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